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Island Dude

In 2017 BBC Radio 4 broadcast a short programme on Daniel Defoe and before long, the subject of course got onto Robinson Crusoe. One of the guest speakers was, I think, a newspaper publisher who mentioned they get sent at least four 'desert island' cartoons a week and this got me thinking exactly how many variations on this well-trodden theme could you do!

I was at work at the time and decided to doodle a quick drawing of my own dude on a desert island with my punchline being no matter where you are, how far removed you are from civilisation, you will still be asked if you're due compensation for PPI. Anyway, long story short, he was simple and fun to draw so I did another, and another.


Island Dude 021-030
Island Dude 011-020
Island Dude 001-010 (includes two extras 5a and 5b from roughly the same period)