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Amazing drawings with incredible detail, line work and imagination... will not be found on this page. Examples of how it should be done are here, here and here.

These are my efforts.

(I don't care. I enjoy it)

The Island The Island

Just started throwing together buildings and thought it looked okay.

Monstah! Monstah!

I remember a pic from an old issue of 2000AD which I tried to replicate here from memory. Quite happy with it.

Created on the iPad with ProCreate + Apple Pencil.

Blobsters Blobsters

A fusion of styles I admire from other artists. Knocked up over a couple of hours on an iPad using SketchPad Pro.

Viking drawing Viking

I tried a new style of shading here, and drew the sword and shield purposefully too big. Together with an overly wide stance, I tried the draw the whole thing... wrong.

Apart from the positioning of the horns on the helmut and the face-plate thing on the shield, I don't think it turned out too bad.

boneyard drawing The Boneyard

Inspiration for this doodle came from one of my kid's bedtime books, strangely. I can't remember the name, something along the lines of duck-billed dinosaurus; however, there were some really cool drawings of skulls and I thought I'd have a bash.

No matter how much I try to mimick other people's styles, I always find myself coming back to this sort of stuff.